Four Fashion Rules For The Groom

Kenyan Groomsmen with swag - Mikolo

His outfit should suit the theme

The choice of a suit or outfit the groom wears should be appropriate for the theme, feel and location of your wedding. If you are planning on a beach wedding then a black suit will not do. Something lighter and casual would be more appropriate in this case?like a linen suit and a pair of classy shoes or stylish sandals. If you are going for a formal do, then a suit or even a tuxedo would be great. And for a wedding with a casual feel; consider khaki pants and a blazer or waistcoat will do.

Classy groomsmen - Mikolo

He should get the perfect fit

Even the most expensive suit will look and feel bad if it does not fit properly. So ensure that your suit is not too big or too small. You should be able to dance and move around freely and check that you can raise your hands without ripping the seams. But to guide you, here are a few basic rules;
? When your arms are stretched out, the arms should be just at the end of the wrist.
? The trousers should be slightly below the ankle so that they break across the top of the shoes.
? When it comes to the jacket, the bottom hem should cover your butt and the vent shouldn’t pull open.

His style should coordinate with the groomsmen

When selecting the groom?s attire keep in mind that the groomsmen should also wear something similar to the groomsmen; but it does not need to be an exact match. If the groomsmen are wearing tweed jackets it would be a bit odd for the groom to wear a black tuxedo or vice versa. Matching his style to that of the groomsmen helps to create a cohesive look.

Grooms rock - Mikolo

His accessories should stand out

When it comes to the groom?s accessories every single item matters and goes a long way to highlighting his style. He could go for a boutonniere using a few flowers similar to the bride?s bouquet or he could go for a pocket square that matches the fabric of the bridesmaids? dresses. Add some style with a bow tie, vest, tie that complements your style and wedding colours. When it comes to his shoes, it all depends on the colour and style of his suit. A black suit or tuxedo can be paired with black shoes while a navy or lighter coloured suit can be paired with brown shoes and remember to match the colour of your belt to your shoes. Even as you coordinate your style to match that of the groomsmen ensure that you add an accessory or detail that tells you apart from the rest. No one should be left guessing who exactly the groom is.