High Impact Glamour: Fatumah Asha Unveils New Dream Collection

Bettinah - Fatumah Asha via mikolo

Fatumah Asha takes pride in being an ASAFA award winner for her unique and exquisite fashion creations and has been very pivotal in supporting women to be the best version of themselves as they soar to new heights on the runway and at prestigious functions.

‘High Impact Glamour’ is a new collection tailored specifically for wedding guests who wish to make a statement. In this collection, new trendy and elegant fabrics were put together, with a choice of colours that saw the brand break some of their own rules in the process.

According to Fatumah Asha, the creative director of the fashion house, purple isn’t one of her favourite colours and yet it featured a lot.

“This year I’m doing everything I said I would never do, working with every colour I said I “don’t like”. We are all being reckless and uncomfortable,” she offered.



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Brand: Fatumah Asha

Models: Mwaj Ahmed, Chandia Dorothy, Bettinah Tianah, Priscillaray, Mrs. Bainomugisha

Photography: Dynamic Wedding Photography