Natasha Sinayobye: Inside The Self-styled Fashion Queen’s Locker

Natasha Sinayobye - Mikolo

By Robert K James

Like MC Kats, oftentimes Natasha Sinayobye has been said to be much older than she really is. But as quoted by Satisfashion Ug, she attributes the conclusions to her hard work; “I have really worked, this is why people sometimes say ?I think that chick is like 50 years old?.”

Nonetheless, if elegance and facial youthfulness is anything to go by to determine her age, then 23 or 25 would sound fine?and yet her mature sense of fashion would sound just to think that she is actually 50.

The self-styled mother of one, a son, often oozes with youthful elegance every time she pops up in front of the cameras. Her style can only be rivaled by just a few and that’s why today we take you inside the fashion queen’s locker.

?I prefer to wear something that makes her feel sexy and beautiful but also classy. And, yes I’m my own stylist.”

The 2001 Miss MTN, who designs most of her outfits lately, has also been kind enough to wear those designed by others.

And for a parting shot before you scroll down to gaze at her dazzling photos, note that she attributes her ceaseless beauty to the use of “natural/homemade beauty products. I believe that if you cleanse the inside then the outside will be flawless. I also use a lot of Vaseline petroleum jelly under my eyes when going to sleep. It helps with regeneration,” reads a quote on Satisfashion Ug.