Photos: A Microscopic Lens Inside Bettinah Tianah’s Most Exclusive Closet

Bettinah Tinah via mikolo

By Robert K James

For anyone and everyone that appreciates fashion as much as we do or even better across the continent, and perhaps even beyond for our wishful thinking, the name Bettinah Tianah should ring a bell.

The short haircut black beauty of a Ugandan queen has graced the red carpet, parties and high-end events with stellar fashion details.

And when I set my sights on her a couple of weeks back as she walked out of Sparkles saloon at Oasis mall, without the presence of the cameras, she still seemed aware of her high-end style, walking gracefully as if to suggest that she was sure someone somewhere was watching.

Over the years, Bettinah Tianah has treated our sights, often through the lenses of a camera with her dazzling unique taste and sense of fashion, wearing multiple custom made outfits from stylists like Anita Beryl, Fatumah Asha among many others for special events. No wonder she passes for a fashion critique with NTV on the Style Project show every Friday.

And today, we take a microscopic lens and a meticulous eye into her exceptional wardrobe. We love every bit of it and hope that you will love it as well.