Saphrah & Co. Dazzle In Valentine?s Photoshoot

Saphrah valentines photoshoot via mikolo

What comes to mind when you see the colour red? It can be either of two things, love or danger. But when that red has roses all over it and it?s February, then it?s definitely love.

1608 Niche Designs had earlier on set an arrant background filled with red roses, balloons and flower petals for a stage at which Saphrah & Co. dazzled.

This valentines photoshoot was a showcase of love, style and fashion. Mbajja Sean came through with a perfectly unique touch of hairdo, Hers UG stripped their closet naked of red dresses, all for Saphrah to shine and she did not disappoint.

Her co-model on their hand dazzled in a long green dress and later in velvet black.



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Service Providers:

Photography: Dynamic Wedding Photography

Outfits by: Hers UG

Hair by: Mbajja Sean