NBS TV’s Sheila Tusiime goes big as she launches Love & Lace at the Bride & Groom Expo

Sheila Tusiime Mugisha via Mikolo.com

Everyone who starts something new often times draws their inspiration from someone or something while others summon their long-life held passions.

For NBS TV news anchor Sheila Tusiime, she turned to her passion, drawing inspiration from her childhood memories of her appreciation for fashion, recollections of her dressing up her dolls in whatever piece she found uniquely eye-catching and later on being the one that perfected the looks of her siblings before they stepped out for church or any other function.

Spice Diana at Sheila's stall via mikolo.com

It’s that passion for fashion, her near obsession of “loving to look good” that she drew her inspiration to start the Love & Lace bridal emporium that’s located at the heart of Kampala, in the newly reconstructed Pioneer Mall on Shop No. PD 74. While the brand opened its doors last year, they’ve leveraged on the opportunity of the Bride & Groom Expo to officially launch it as they mark their 1st anniversary in the business.  

So how did you come up with the name Love & Lace?

Lace is my favourite fabric and love is what brings us together, a beamish Sheila explained before signalling for a moment to tend to an urgent phone call.

What does Love & Lace have to offer a modern-day bride?

“Women don’t like to wear something that you will find everywhere. Because you want to standout, to be unique—then choose Love & Lace. We don’t bring plenty of the same, but rather a variety so we can give our customers that uniqueness,” Sheila explained.

“That’s why we also bring fabrics that one can buy and have them tailored,” she added.

What should they expect when they choose to visit Love & Lace?

“They should expect class, comfort and elegance. But more importantly a wide range of unparalleled outfits.”

Sheila puts a personal touch to her brides and wedding guests with a keen consideration to their persona and skin complexion—knowing too well that some colours are perfectly suited for dark skinned people while others are ideal for the light skinned ones, much like herself.

Understanding that contemporary brides oftentimes pick their fashion inspiration from wherever they can find it, Sheila notes they can also help a bride import a fabric of their liking if it’s not in the store.

Scanning through the Love & Lace collection that comprises of the mishanana, busuti, omwenda and the signature gomesi among other items, you can’t help it but appreciate the subtle colours and the elegant floral fabrics exhibited that indeed you won’t find everywhere.

Love & Lace's bridal wear & fabrics

And as key stakeholders in Uganda’s wedding industry and beyond, Mikolo has come to learn that Kuhingira and Kweranga brides have a religious love for subtle colours.   

At Love & Lace, they also offer convenience—recognizing how exhausting it can be to plan a traditional wedding or preparing to attend one. So if you’re a very busy person, or perhaps someone with a fear of navigating the crowds and chaos of the city, then Love & Lace can bring the store to you. They share photos with you, select from a range of options, and they will bring those to you to make your final decision in the comfort of your own space.

Spice Diana at Sheila's Love & Lace

Nonetheless, the downside for this convenience means that you miss out on the plethora of options that you would ordinarily explore while at the physical store. If you’ve ever gone to a clothing store to buy a particular piece but ended up with something entirely different that you appreciated more, then you clearly know why visiting a physical shop is actually the best of option.

So if you’re a bride to be, or just an invited guest that is looking to elegantly standout, then you’ve got to check out Love & Lace.

Cover Photo Credit: Fransic Isano