Changing The Face Of Hospitality In Uganda?s Capital, Kampala?Adonai Guesthouse

Contemporary, chic and sleek, Adonai Guesthouse in Muyenga presents a whole new experience in the Pearl of Africa?s hospitality industry. Located just a few kilometers outside the heart of Uganda?s capital Kampala, Adonai Guesthouse is secluded away in the corners of Lower Muyenga suburb, off Tank Hill Road.

With rates that are more than affordable, Adonai Guesthouse has changed the cordial reception around the city and successfully brandmarked itself as the apotheosis place for leisure and personal business. For as low as $35-to-$55, you will have yourself a place to stay with free breakfast and fast Internet so that you can keep tabs on some of the things you passionately follow online.

A Single Deluxe room at Adonai Guesthouse

According to Grace Ahabwe, the manager, ?customer service is a top priority?. No