We have not had a fight in three years—Rachael Mwine speaks marriage

When time and resources permit it, I always have the patience to sit, watch and listen through a lengthy podcast and perhaps learn a thing or two regardless of where that wisdom or otherwise is flowing in from. Whether it’s from a rare visit of Andrew Kyamagero on Bump Love, The Kitakas, The Unpopular Opinion or Kasuku Live…name it all.

Last evening, while labouring through the pain of a toothache, I chanced myself into watching former NTV News Anchor and Ex-Bump Lover Racheal Mwine Arinaitwe when hosted by The Kitakas.

I must admit that my interest lay in what I presumed would be some form of follow up after her husband’s feature on the same podcast about a fortnight earlier where he narrated how milk almost ended marriage.

If I didn’t know better, the glow of the hosts and their panelist could have easily passed for a group of young adults in their mid or last twenties having a chat but the wisdom that came with their words was testament enough to indicated that it came from an age older than that.

After making a fine comparison of marriage to the art of driving a manual car, learning how to balance the acceleration and the shifting of gears with the proper use of the clutch pedal, Rachael confessed she and her husband had finally found their balance, noting that they are about “70% in sync”.

The couple have been married for almost eleven years now, and when asked whether they are now in sync and no drama, Rachael answered; “I would say yes. 70% no drama but you know when this started!! 2021”.

“So we spent the first seven years doing that dance, there was lots of bickering, lots of silent treatment, trying to feel like I am not being understood, same for him (Ben Mwine)—feeling like he was not being understood,” she explained further.

Ben & Rachael Mwine via mikolo.com

“There was that entire back and forth until when I felt exhausted in 2021. Our salvation really came from me finding my way back to God because I had tried everything I knew how to, to try and get my husband in sync.”

“And that’s the thing I think young married couples may be think that you know…when you get married, immediately you’re going to be in sync because you love each other and there’s all this romance, there are sparks flying—and yet when you get in there, you begin the journey to sync. That journey may not be as comfortable as we imagine it to be.

“My husband likes to say we have not had a fight in 3 years, which is true. We have not and that’s not because there are no reasons to fight. They are there. It’s just that for both of us, we have done the work. I have done the work and my husband is a beneficiary of my relationship with God,” Rachael noted as she drove her point home.

While they still have their 30% to pedal through, they remain one of renown couples that we can benchmark on. I was happy to catch a glimpse of them while they were speaking at the recently concluded Bride & Groom Expo.

If you wish to hear more from the two lovebirds, you can catch them “The Good Wife” married’s meetup that will be hosted at Canary Hotel on the 27th of July 2024.