Rema breaks the internet as her daughter Aaliyah turns 1

Rema and her family

If anything, Rema Namakula has mastered the art of breaking the internet every time she shares an intimate moment with her family.

While you were all busy spreading around unfounded rumours about her husband Dr. Hamza Ssebunya’s alleged infidelity, she quashed the debate with stunning pictures of her happy family.

The stunning pictures were a landmark moment for her family as the couple’s daughter, Aaliyah Ssebunya celebrated turning a year old. Happy birthday once again baby Aaliyah.

“Once upon a time……Dreams became a reality…Aaliyah my mamina….my buju buju 😇😇 you are more than we prayed for. Daddy and I must have done good to deserve you 😌. You have made Aamaal the happiest big sister 💞💞 May Allah protect you always my child 💖 love you so much it hurts 💖 Ma sha Allah ma sha Allah. Happy birthday my love 🥰🥰”. Rema noted in a post to her Facebook page.

Spoiler alert! And just so you know, very soon, on December 26th, Amaal Musuza will be turning eight years old. So brace yourselves for more beautiful moments from the “Sili muyembe” hit maker.

Rema also shared a throwback moment of her baby bump photo shoot before Aaliyah was born.