Speke Resort Munyonyo?s Multiple Outdoor Venue Options for you to consider

Once a couple agree to start planning their wedding day, as professional event planners, we urge them to first zero down on a date and then lock down a venue for that particular day. It?s usually not simple to find one that fits personal tastes and preferences, whether indoor or outdoor. But, since many of have been listed for you here on www.mikolo.com, then consider your first hurdle officially overcome.

Now, if you as a couple both fancy an outdoor wedding venue, then there?s only one place to go to that will give you multiple affordable options. And that?s none other than Speke Resort Munyonyo. But before you even get scared of the price tag because of the place status, let?s get that cat out of the bag. It?s just UGX 2.5 million for any outdoor venue you choose.

For magnificence, for variety of form and colour, among very many other incentives, Speke Resort Munyonyo comes top of the list of your options. Right from the entrance, tall palm trees, the greenery and flowery view adorn the 5-star hotel. A relatively flat landscape for easy rising of tents, tables and chairs across the different outdoor venues makes it more than just the idea place.

On top of all that, under the clear blue skies and the beautiful sunsets, the cool winds that blow off Lake Victoria make the entire place a paradise on earth. Well, if that doesn?t make a place the perfect venue for a wedding reception, then I don?t know what will. Here are your multiple options at Speke Resort.

Commonwealth Poolside: On a demand as high as that of a hot cake, many couples fancy this spot for it stands between the swimming pool and the Lake, giving it a magnificent view like no other. Probably the best for the nicest wedding photos and general ambiance. It has a capacity of up to 400 people.

The Marina Gardens: The Marina Gardens have a beautiful view of the lake. It?s a roof top kind of gardens where thousands and thousands of newlyweds have taken their wedding photos. This venue also comes with a restaurant that can be converted into an indoor reception as well.

It has a capacity of 150 people and 170 people utmost. This is in the proximity of a church venue for those that would love to exchange their vows by the lake side. The church venue is however charged separately for only 1million shillings.

Mango Gardens & The Flag Mast Gardens: These two stand in close proximity to one another with vast green grasses. The Mango gardens are an 800-guest seater while the Flag Mast Gardens take in up to 1,000 guests.

Lakeside View Gardens: This is the largest venue of all the outdoor potential wedding receptions at Speke Resort. This magnificent spot by the lakeside has a capacity of 2000+ guests. It?s however advisable that once you choose the Lakeside View Gardens, you hire a service provider with very strong tents. The strong tents are highly recommended because of the strong winds that blow off Lake Victoria.

Speke Resort Poolside: This 500-guest seater venue lies besides the largest swimming pool of the 5-star hotel. It?s however unavailable for any functions set for Sundays. According to Maria Goretti Asekenye, the in-charge of weddings at the resort, this venue is ?closed for Sundays. On Sundays, there?s always a lot of swimming activities at the pool especially by the pool members hence making it inappropriate for any function.?

Church venue: Although it?s just a growing trend in Uganda, couples have come to notice and appreciate the beauty of lakeside wedding ceremonies. Many have started having their church ceremonies by the water side. Well, there?s a wonderful spot at Speke Resort that goes for only 1million shillings in case you would love such a church ceremony.

More than Just a venue

With most outdoor venues, you will get parking space and some security once you book for a venue. However, at Speke Resort Munyonyo, you get more than just ample parking space and maximum security. Any venue you choose comes along with the following items:

  • Tables and plastic chairs
  • White linen & white napkins
  • Cutlery & glasses
  • Crockery & service personnel
  • A hotel room for one night (contains a sitting room & bedroom) for the bride & groom on bed and breakfast basis. All that at just 2.5million Uganda Shillings

Extra Benefits

Once you choose Speke Resort Munyonyo as your wedding venue, you?re rest assured of saving on d