Photos: Joan introduces Mathias Ssemanda

Joan introduces Mathias Ssemanda via

Photography by: Rafia Pictures

In the world of weddings, whether traditional or white, every beginning of a new year has often kicked off in high romantic gear and 2024 promises to be no different.

During the first weekend of the year, it was a jovial mood in Matugga where Joan introduced former Africell Uganda and Makerere University social media manager Mathias Ssemanda.

As the skies opened at the dawn of a new day—on Saturday 6th January 2024, music blast out loud as Joan’s family put their hands to work, on final touches in preparation to welcome the Diplomacy and International Relations researcher at Pennsylvania State University.

And as the clocks struck mid day, the groom in the company of his entourage that included former Makerere University Guild President, Counsel Ivan Bwowe were ushered home. Mathias was then acquainted to his new family, friends and in-laws at a successful customary union.

“At a very colorful ceremony, my lovely wife Joan introduced me to her parents. I look forward to a journey full of love, happiness and prosperity. I thank both our families and friends who joined us on this beautiful day in Matugga, Wakiso,” Mathias noted to post to his X handle.

To Joan and Mathias, congratulations to you both. We wish you a blessed marriage.