We met online and started dating in Belgium—Stellah and Diederik’s love story

Stellah intrdocues Vermeersch via mikolo

One day someone walks into your life and you realize why it never worked out with anyone else. Well, for Stellah Mbabazi that special someone was Belgium international Diederik Vermeersch. 

In the midst of a pandemic that nearly turned the world upside down, when all hope was lost for many, Stellah found a lighting candle in a dark world as she met the love of her life. 

Stellah intrdocues Vermeersch via mikolo.com

The bride reveals that the two met on an online dating website and it didn’t take long before they started dating “since we both knew what we were looking for”. 

“We met online actually, after 3 days we both logged out of the site since we both knew what we were looking for. So the rest is history,” Stellah told this website. 

“We met in March 2020, then we started dating in Belgium where we were both Citizens at the time,” the bride added. 

After nearly two and a half years of dating, Stellah welcomed her fiancé home for their kukyala (pre-visit). The couple were then traditionally hitched on Friday 28th July 2023 at the bride’s “mama’s pension house in Kakelenge, Wakiso District”. 

To Stellah and Diederik, congratulations to you both. We wish you a happy marriage life. 



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