I proposed after a month of dating on her Birthday—tales of Micheal Tuape and Maria

Maria introduces Micheal Tuape via www.mikolo.com

Who knew that a supermarket can be a place to find love!! And yet here we are, celebrating a tale of true love after Micheal Tuape and Maria Najjemba were traditionally hitched on Women’s Day at an amazing introduction ceremony.

Micheal, who works with LUT University in Finland met his wife “at Carrefour supermarket in Naalya” before she swept him off his feet with her intellect. Maria works with the United Nations. Here is how their love story that’s destine for a happily ever after unfolded, according to the groom.  

How did the two of you meet?

At Carrefour supermarket in Naalya, I was looking for bread and milk. Being unfamiliar with the supermarket, I met Maria in the bread section, so I sought for her help, and she was so kind, we had minutes of conversation that ended in contact exchange since I was travelling to the village.

We kept in touch for a while, as I returned to my workplace, I found Maria a very beautiful, interesting, loving, and caring person. I fell in love with her, she had all the qualities I wanted in a woman for a Wife. She swept me off completely with her intelligence. I must confess I’m attracted to brain, and she got it.

For how long had you been dating before you asked for her hand in marriage?

I proposed after a month of dating on her Birthday. I told her I am travelling for work in Italy but in actual sense I was travelling to Uganda to ask her to marry me. A few friends of hers helped in the preparation and made sure she came to the venue on time and asked for her hand in marriage. She said YES.

When was your kukyala?

Kukyala was in December 2022 after I had taken her to meet my parents.

What do you like most about your spouse?

The Groom: Maria is an amazing and sweet soul. I fell in love with everything about her at first sight. she presents with a special demeanor that gives one the feeling being with someone who gives you comfort.

She is supportive, very hands on and exhibits special engagement skills. I just got connected to her personality and I have never felt different.  She has given me the confidence of opening up about anything and I’m so free to express myself since I’m an expressive person, I love my wife she gives me every reason to have a wife.

Bride: I love that My husband is very intentional, kind, caring, listening, loving (he shows his love for me in every way), he is so involved in my life and work. He makes me feel his presence and at ease in every way.

He lights up days and nights with his cheerfulness, I love that I feel safe and at peace from the moment that he came into my life. He is such an Intelligent person that I often consult him on everything around me which makes my life so easy.

He is very prayerful and charming that every moment is such a joyful memory.

He is surely my Answered prayer and the man that I look forward to spending the rest of my life with.

Do have any children?

Yes, we have children.

When and where was your giveaway/introduction?

 Introduction was on 8th March 2023 in Kito, Bweyogerere.

How was the planning process for you as a couple?

The planning process wasn’t that hectic because My wife is a very organized person, so meticulous, more specifically, we laid out a plan and what would be done each day. With some help from people, we had a smooth planning process.

What advice would you wish to share with couples planning to get married?

It’s your day, and remember it comes once in a lifetime, have your ceremony in ways you would love it, not what others would love to see. Enjoy your day and try to make it work within the confines of what you like.

Involve as few people as possible in execution of the planning process and pray for each person involved including the service providers.

How did you find your service providers and what was your reason for choosing them?

We looked for our service providers on Instagram based on their work and prayed about them.

For their beautiful function, the two lovebirds had white, pink and green as their theme colours for the simple reason that Micheal love loves white while Maria finds peace and comfort in pink. The green simply represented nature.



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