We met on a vacation in Seychelles—Moses after being introduced by Gloria

Gloria introduces Moses via mikolo.com

How you meet the love of your life is one thing we all don’t know until you actually do. Oftentimes, if we are thoughtful enough, we fantasize about who they may actually be but less of where we may eventually meet them.

But what better way is there to meet the love of your life than on a random vacation in a foreign country. Although unknown to him at the time, that’s where City celebrated photographer Moses Mbogo, the founder of Mozart Pictures met the love of this life Gloria Kisha Mukisa.

When asked how and where they met, Moses revealed to Mikolo that he met his newly traditionally wedded wife in Seychelles.

“Of course, we did not meet in Uganda. She was on a trip in Seychelles and I too was on a trip in Seychelles,” he said.  

“Actually, me I had gone to work but it was still a vacation and for her, she was on a trip with her sisters and brothers that lasted five days. You know how happy you can be when you meet fellow Ugandans in a foreign country so we had dinner together as Ugandans,” he narrated.

So out of all of them, how did you single out Gloria! Was it love at first sight? I quizzed.

“I don’t how exactly we pointed out each other but before I knew it, I was telling her about my life and she was telling me about hers,” Moses recounted.

“When we returned, it was on different planes but for me I had to connect to Zanzibar straight away because I had a function there. So, we kept on communicating and after one week, I came back to Uganda and that’s when she visited me at my office—and she loved the office, I already liked her and she liked me.”

He adds that “she was quite caring and you know when you’ve been heartbroken before and then somebody new comes in with that extra and considerate care, checking on you. In my line of work, it’s easy to get so busy and even forget to eat, so sometimes she would check on me whether I have eaten, and sometimes send lunch like KFC, sometimes she would send me a gift. It’s something that moved me on, she was that much caring, asking about my kids and all that.”

“So we started seeing each other more often, she loved me, she liked me and I loved her. We decided to take it to the next level when I asked to visit her parents’ home but she hadn’t yet told me about her family, where she comes from, her mother being in the USA and all that until I asked,” he further told this publication.

“That’s how I learnt that the function would be at Gen. Kayanja’s home, OMG, I almost withdrew but I had to be strong knowing that I have some strong social capital behind me, friends willing to support me through all this and people came and supported me, friends of my big brother Hajji Nasser who was our chairman and others.”

Days before being traditionally hitched, the bride-to-be welcomed her fiancé into her parents’ home in Kawuku, off Entebbe Road for their kukyala (pre-visit).

And on 30th November 2023, Gloria introduced Moses to her parents, family and friends at a glamourous customary wedding ceremony. The function was thrilled by the performances of David Lulato and Stabua Natooro.

The groom gifted his bride with a brand new SUV, a Nissan Xtrail (UBP 945J). To the bride and groom, congratulations on your beautiful day from us all at Mikolo.