Love knows no distance, Deenah and Mac beat the odds of distance to become one

Deenah introduces Mac via

On Saturday 29th July 2023, Deenah and Mac became one after a successful customary union at the brides’ parents’ home in Lungujja. 

Prior to the traditional wedding ceremony, the two lovebirds had been dating for over three years but had actually never met in person. Pressed on how the two met, the bride revealed that it was through a friend. 

“We met online through a friend, and dated for 3 and a half years with no physical contact,” Deenah told 

“We came back last month for our first ever meeting and in 2 weeks we went for marriage,” she added.  

When you actually think deeper about it, it sounds inconceivable that two people can date for that long without meeting, at least once. 

“Yes, pretty unbelievable actually. We both work abroad but in different countries. But when we started talking, he made it clear that he only and only wanted to date for marriage.” 

“And we both went into the relationship well knowing what we wanted. Dated online, I came back first on the 1st of July and he flew in on the 12th, we organized both kukyala and introduction in 2 weeks and had our successful Mikolo on the same day. We are now waiting for our wedding then we both fly back to our jobs,” Deenah, who works in Kenya as a legal advisor narrated. 

Were there any surprises when the two of you finally met? We asked.

“Actually yes but few😃😃😃. But maybe he realized I’m way smaller than I look in the pics (pictures), and that he’s way bigger also,” the bride noted about Mac, who works in the United Arab Emirates before adding that; “He is very quiet in person than on phone, and his family made a lot of remarks of he’s quietness around me but they all knew him as a very talkative person.

“He’s extremely clingy which I found and still find funny🤣🤣 and I was surprised he’s more religious than I am, which I loved a lot.” 

Speaking about their function, Deenah said that “on our intro, as he was having lunch with my aunties, after kuzaalibwa (being officially welcomed into the family), he kept asking Senga owe’nsonga where his wife was🤣🤣.”

“He couldn’t even eat comfortably coz he wasn’t seeing me, then, when I finally came out, he couldn’t contain himself and neither could I, I didn’t even wait for the Mcee and just ran and hugged him🤣🤣.”

Love never ceases to amaze us at Mikolo and we couldn’t be happier for these two lovebirds. To Mac and Deenah, congratulations. We wish you a blessed marriage.