Environment advocate Vanessa Nakate introduces her fiancé

Vanessa introduces Davis via mikolo.com

Photography by: SM Moments Photography & Videography

It can be hard describing that beautiful feeling called love. Nonetheless, one undeniable truth remains, when love shows up, its presence is impossible to dismiss. Clearly, not even her passion for environment advocacy could have Vanessa ignore it when it came her way.

Over the weekend, climate activist Vanessa Nakate introduced her youthful fiancé Davis. The two lovebirds tied the knot at a colourful traditional wedding in a rich showcase of culture at the bride’s parents’ home.

The Unicef Goodwill Ambassador and author of “A Bigger Picture” looked ravishing in her different gomesis before finally changing into her collar-neck red dress.

To you Vanessa and Davis, congratulations to you both. We wish you a happy marriage.