Sharon Stars In Elegant Fashion At Her Kukyala

Sharon's kukyala via mikolo

By Robert K James

Oftentimes, when a kukyala happens, it?s the celebration of love that gets us excited. The idea of a couple taking a step towards making things official, an indicator that they want to spend the rest of their lives together.

Well, this time around, although we are happy for Sharon and her better half, it?s her captivating bridal look and modish fashion that caught our attention. Her flawless makeup, manicure, perfect hairdo and chic jewelry were quite fascinating.

Her flowery gomesi and sash seemed to be pulled out of the most contemporary bridal closet just like those of her escorts. And yet it was her changing dress that saw Sharon star in elegant fashion at her kukyala.

The carpet sweeping one-shoulder tailor-made dress fit so perfect like a bathing suit. The African print part of the dress gave it all the bridal elegance that Sharon needed to shine on her special day.