Nnabagereka in attendance as Christine introduces her fiancé Don Patrick Bugingo

Christine hosts Don Patrick Bugingo - kukyala via mikolo.com

Photography by: Xcy Events

We love a love fairytale and this one is one we are following religiously as it climaxes. Don Patrick and Christine are the epitome of youthful exuberance as far as love goes.

Buganda Kingdom Queen, Sylvia Nnabagereka Nagginda was in attendance recently as Christine introduced her fiancé Don Patrick Bugingo at a beautiful customary event.

Midway this year, the former Makerere Business School Guild President took to the Eiffel Tower in France to propose to his then girlfriend.

How the two lovebirds actually met is a story we are yet to crack but as our norm is here at Mikolo wedding community, be sure we will bring it for you.

Congratulations Patrick and Christine. We wish you all the best in your next.