No time to waste, Canary Mugume and Sasha Ferguson’s Kukyala done

Canary Mugume & Sasha Ferguson's kukyala via mikolo

While the courtship took about seven years or so, looks like the functions won’t have to wait that long for there’s no time to waste. Canary Mugume and his fiance Sasha Ferguson have taken the first step towards officiating their romantic relationship in the eyes of their parents.

Just a week after he proposed, the NBS TV journalist and Nxt Radio host was today (Friday 7-05-2021) welcomed into Sasha’s parents’ home for their previsit (kukyala).

As expected, Canary, who was clad in a black tuxedo was escorted by a few close friends and family members who included renown fellow journalist Andrew Mwenda of the Independent Magazine who formed his entourage.

And if our snoops have it right, we won’t have to wait too long for their kuhingira either (introduction ceremony).

Congratulations Sasha and Canary!

Photo credit: Nicholas Bamulanzeki