Photo Album: Pomp, luxury and glamour as Suzan Makula introduces Pastor Bujingo

Suzan Makula Introduces Pastor Bujingo via mikolo

Judge not and you will not be judged, says the Bible scriptures.

Whereas their gradual union continues to divide opinion among many across the country, it is what it is. Aloysious and Suzan are in love. It was Pomp, luxury and glamour as Suzan Makula introduced Pastor Bujingo, the director of Salt Media.

Suzan Makula, on Tuesday 7th December 2021 introduced Pastor Aloysious Bujingo of House of Prayer Ministries International to her parents, relatives and friends at a luxurious customary wedding ceremony.

From us here at Mikolo, our congratulations are well in order. Here are some photos from the function as captured by Dynamic Wedding Photography.



Post Vendor Details

Photography: Dynamic Wedding Photography 

Bridal Makeup: Fayth Presh Makeup

Decor: Icandy 

Event Management: Fenon Records

Gomesi: Talo Couture By Pesh

Hairdo: Rian Hairz