Kukyala Album: Inside Cindy and fiancé Joel’s intimate Pre-visit

Cindy's kukyala via mikolo

Photography: SYGRO PITCH

Over the course of last weekend, as we geared up to kissing May 2021 goodbye, Cinderella Sanyu a.k.a Cindy, the King herself was busy hosting her fiancé Joel Okuyo Atiku Prynce for their pre-visit after four years of courting.

While speak to Satisfashion UG, the Boom Party hit maker made some stunning revelations about her love life.

“Before, I never let the man in my life get into my life. I’d create a Cindy for them. I’d create a Cindy who is free during weekdays when I’m not working,” Cindy said.

“But this is the first time my man went on tour with me, to see my world and how rough it gets, the good and the bad things. He has seen me argue with promoters, and all those things. Sometimes you meet with promoters and managers who want to sleep with you, he has seen me go through all that.

I feel like it’s a better relationship because of that, he understands exactly what he’s getting into. We’ve been together for the last 4 years, because I wanted him to get to know who I am. I’ve never done that.

It feels like True love! It does. I know people say all relationships are like that at the start, but as a woman, you have to give yourself the chance every time. You can’t let past relationships or heartbreaks limit you the next time you feel like you’ve found love. In this relationship I feel like I’ve changed the game totally.”

Well, we have the exclusive album inside the celebrity couple’s kukyala as these two continue to take steps towards their forever after. Congratulations to you both. Mikolo wishes you all the best.