How about a RED Gomesi for your Kwanjula. Here are some Inspirational Photos

Gomesis have for long, been the ultimate outfits for females at many a Ugandan introduction ceremony. And back then, anything shimmery with an alternatingly colored Kitambi thrown about it would make for a complete ensemble. But then something happened to our introduction ceremonies. They are no longer the ritual-riddled festivities that our ancestors passed on to us. They are diluted. They have been reduced to wild orchestras of exhibitionist tendencies. Attendants of introduction ceremonies in their distinguished capacities use the ceremonies as showbiz extravaganzas. They use every avenue to show off their mighty taste and exposure and, most importantly, affluence. And we can go on about the varied avenues that people use to exert their A-class attributes, but today is about the dressing. It is about the Gomesi. The cultural attire that is no longer a cultural attire because it has shade cultural fabric and amassed modern pomp and luxury. Today is about the new Gomesi. And how you should wear it at a cultural Mukolo.

The highlight of our Mikolo fashion scouting this week was a lady. A lady in red, if you want. Her Gomesi was different. Miles away from the usual works of tailoring mediocrity. It exuded artistry and impeccable finishing. Prudently picked blends of color and patterns, fused with such comprehension of body size. This lady rocked a fine red Gomesi courtesy of attention to such detail. She looked astonishing, because the floral patterned red lace tailored atop a royal blue Gomesi made her look like, pardon my excitement; a royal. Yet the photographer wasn’t any disappointment either. The exposure in this photo is enough to illuminate every detail in the photo. The tailoring patterns aren’t spare either because of the fine photography by Zebra International Studio.