Cynthia?s Bridal Beauty Look Is All You Need For a Wedding Inspiration

Cynthia via mikolo

We are all about brides looking their best on their special days and in this episode of bridal beauty, Cynthia gave us all the chills.

From the makeup, the hairdo and the chic jewelry, every bit of her overall bridal look fit and matched perfectly well for her to look absolutely gorgeous.

And for her traditional wedding, she showed us that fashion is indeed like food?that you don?t stick to the same menu.

For the 2020 brides-to-be out there looking for someone to inspire their makeup and outfit decisions, look no further than Cynthia.

Her bridal charm didn?t end at her kuhingira/give away, she carried on to her white wedding with Mark?and as far as bridal beauty goes, her bridesmaids were right up there with her.