Bridal Portraits: Merian’s Gorgeous Kukyala Portraits?Dynamic Wedding Photography

Merian's kukyala bridal portraits via

I must admit, we were not ready for this kind of hotness but we have no choice other than taking it. Merian?s beauty look is just irrepressible. Like who wouldn’t want to look this elegant on the day of their customary wedding or any other special.

Every bride should look on top of her game on such a big day and Merian did not disappoint when she turned up for her kukyala.

Everything about her drips with gorgeousness. Her subtle makeup was a thing of beauty to admire while her simple pearl jewelry is something for every bride-to-be to look out for.

Her outfits and general appearance was top-notch. Here are some of her kukyala bridal portraits as taken by Dynamic Wedding Photography

Merian's kukyala via