We have been together from senior one until she graduated—John Kalibala

Kalibala John and Lydia via mikolo.com

Once upon a time, in a cocoon of innocence, John’s hormones raged. He longed for the day cupid would strike his proverbial arrow into his heart—and it didn’t take long after he had met Lydia. Whereas it started off as just a friendship, John quickly realized that there was a desire bigger than friendship for him.

“I met my girlfriend Zalwango Lydia, now aged 23, in 2013 and we have been together from senior one until she graduated,” John Kalibala told this website.

“We were just friends, then but I started courting her in 2014 and she said yes in 2015. That’s when it into a serious relationship. We have lived a happy relationship though with ups and downs, which included, but not limited to, some financial difficulties in relation to her tuition.”

Having completed his own educational journey in 2018 after graduating with a Bachelors degree in Information Technology from Ndejje University, John tried to help here and there sometimes.

No wonder he is “over the moon, that in spite of all the challenges, Lydia has now graduated with a Bachelors degree in Hotel and Institutional Catering from Kyambogo University.”

Without a show of doubt, John, although still only 28 years old, is more than convinced that Lydia is ‘thee one’. And now that school is done, he hopes to take things to the next level—to propose to her.

“We are still together hoping to make it official in 2023. We are all born-again Christians.”