Passport-like invitation cards and sizzling décor at Amelia K. Kyambadde’s Birthday party

Amelia Kyambadde's birthday via mikolo

As we wind-up 2021, here is something to inspire the new way of celebrating birthdays. It was the passport-like invitation cards and the sizzling decor that caught our attention the most at Amelia’s birthday party.

Hot Pink, Orange, Yellow and Green were the theme colours on 27th November 2021 as Amelia K. Kyambadde, a firstborn and daughter to Seroma, celebrated her 40th birthday at Cassia Lodge in Buziga.

Here is a fresh take at the deep colors of the dreamy florals at Amelia’s fortieth birthday. The dramatic floral arrangements created an unforgettable guest experience.

The chic yet contemporary set-up gave us an epic party which was a live definition of birthday goals. An eclectic array reflecting colors and style with a sense of fun and personality.

A well-designed space should never allow the eyes to settle, but smile at you and create fantasy. No doubt, Giselda Sensation clearly kept a smile on every guest with the creation of this fantasy.



Post Vendor Details

Design & Decor: Giselda Sensation

Light, Sound & Screens: Art of sound

Cocktails: Velocity Cocktails

Coffee & Tea: Hot cup

Photography: Anderson Pic

Videography: Aquilah-Dicon

Venue: Cassia Lodge