Photos: Black Beauty Mimi?s Perfect Bridal Look

Mimi's perfect bridal look via

By Robert K James

For every bride, the goal is to outshine every other person on your wedding day. In other words, you have to be on top of your game.

Well, black beauty Mimi brought her A-game as she made such a beautiful bride on the day of her wedding. Serene Beauty found the right makeup tone to give her the perfect glow for her special day.

Of course as Mikolo, we aren?t surprised about Serene Beauty?s superb work because that?s what they do best, with lots of experience to their name. But Mimi?s look was quite exceptional. If for anything, we are sure her groom kept on gazing at his bride in awe, praying that the day doesn?t come to an end.

So if you will be having your wedding soon, we suggest that you pin down this look. You will definitely look awesome with this. Everything about Mimi’s look speaks elegance; the makeup, hairdo, and accessories. The makeup is subtle enough for your church ceremony and can also pass for your reception look.

See for yourself and be the judge.

Mimi's perfect bridal look via Mimi's perfect bridal look via