Rally Driver Desh Kananura Opens Up on His Marriage

12 Years Of Cohabiting And 4 Years As Husband And Wife- We Are Still Moving On- Rally Driver Desh Kananura

Too fast, too furious; nothing describes the Panamera bar owner more than the fast and furious movie franchise, writes Mikolo’s Allan Gumizamu.

Daring, crafty and mysterious are just some of the superlatives to describe the enigma that is Andrew Kananura Kagonyera aka Desh. The bad boy city businessman has lived almost his entire life stretching the limits of just about anything. He has been raising eyebrows all his life with his endless stunts and that’s why it isn’t surprising that his ad relines levels have taken him to the racing circuit as a rally driver.

Desh loves the thrill of speed and has a soft spot for cars and not just any car but the top of range luxurious cars such as Audis and Rolls Royce that he also has deals in.


Rally Driver Desh Kananura


Apart from cars, Desh loves his wife

Desh describes his wife as one that knows his deeper and life secrets. We have been in media so many times for wrong reasons. Media has written false stories about me with different kinds of women but my wife Sheila Taratibu will always be the last to know the truth. We are a happy family. We have three children now and the last born has 5 months now. All my children have been born in the US. Whenever my wife is due I send her to the US for birth- Desh said.

To prove his point, Desh calls his wife on phone and we spoke to her. She assures us they are happily married and no one will ever separate us- she says.

16 years of being love and counting more…

In 2014, Desh decided to legalize his relationship with Sheila Tarabitu. They had lived together for close to 12 years as boyfriend and girlfriend. Desh says they had no rush “we had no rush. I was still so busy with my rally business. I wanted to first achieve so many things in life. Me and her spoke about it. She said she was okay we can be more patient. When it clocked to 12 years we realized it was time for us to settle down and make a Godly family- Desh asserts

My first time to wear a suit was on my wedding day

We went to all saints Nakasero and made our vows. It was a wedding to move the whole city. Even my friends still ask me how I planned it. It was my first time to wear a suit. Ever since then I have been in suits. I kept it in my wardrobe and it is still there- Desh says.

His wardrobe has always been so predictable. You can be sure to find very many curtains sized T- shirts, hideous quarter pants and a lot of nothing else really. That is it for him. He loves T-shirts.

After the wedding, the couple headed to a waiting convoy of expensive cars among which included two Bentleys, and four jaguar cars. The controversial socialite invited close friends and relatives to the exclusive reception that was held at Serena Hotel Kigo.

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