Singer Grace Nakimera – We Met 12 Years Ago, and Only Growing Stronger in Love

We met 12 years ago, and only growing stronger in love: Singer Grace Nakimera opens up about their relationship.

Senior photographer Andre Rigen and singer Grace Nakimera have been together for close to 12 years now. Grace says that from the moment she met Andre, she knew that he was the man she had been dreaming about since her childhood. Grace shared with us their love story.

About the White Marriage

Grace says, ?I have been the happiest woman on this planet earth. Dating a white man is the best experience that has ever happened to me? First of all our child have the best-mixed genes. His father takes him through the white culture. He teaches him how to respect women and all that. I personally I find whites as the most romantic fathers. When we had just met, my parents thought otherwise of Andre. They thought he is like some unserious white men who just come to Uganda, meet girls later disappoint them. Andre has been there for me in so many difficult situations. He has loved our relationship much more than expected. He convinced my mother that he was just heaven sent

?I met Andre 12 years back in Kampala when I had gone to audition as a model,? says Grace. ?He was the official photographer for the auditions and he liked me the moment we set eyes on each other,? she adds. ?He was too cool and calm, we exchanged numbers and have been in touch from that day up to date,? she recalls.

Tabloid false stories make us fall in love much more

Grace says, her marriage has been subjected to local tabloids ?Ugandan Tabloids have written about us so many times. Times when some stories are out, we meet in our house and discuss it. My husband has been falsely accused of getting involved with city models. He is just a photographer who also runs his own model house. To me I understand, it just works, when he is home, he is fully home. So such false stories make us so strong and we get to fall in love with each other each time we are hit by such storms

?I know am so outgoing and kind of crazy, Andre is the total opposite it of me he is very quiet and reserved. I felt I needed some who is calm and composed,? she adds. ?God sent me the man of my dreams, he is too calm and he knows how to control me even when I am angry and emotional, and this has helped us sort out many misunderstandings as a couple,? ?More so, he is a very kind man and so loyal to me.? she narrates.