Must watch,Jaw dropping video! T bonne proposes to Daphine .


 It was a beautiful Saturday morning on April 29.The air was crisp and the view on top of the Mutungo hill amazing. On this very fine day Producer by profession Tbonny decided to pop ‘the big question’ to his long time crush Daphne. After a well set up prank game by Bonny and friends that included a blind fold treasure hunt for each member. But when it came to Dauphins turn amidst her blindfold was a team very briskly setting up for the big surprise! After a whisper that she had found the treasure she took off the blind fold and there she was, standing in front of the dark shinned macho man on one knee with a rose in one hand and ring in the other, “will you marry me”? He asked with utter most tranquility.

With a heap of affection, a dash of humor, a touch of romance and a spoonful of emotions, she said “Yes!” From where Bonny stood up in joy and wrapped her femininity around his broad shoulders in a warm embrace.

We had a talk with the couple and this is what they had to say a bought the bold move they had taken.

So where this this all start from?

We met at garden city rooftop on 6 December 2015 at an event organized by power FM called ‘love shake’, I saw her for the first time that day and also made a bold move and asked for her number, Its from there that we started communicating and got to know each other.

Why did you choose her among the rest?

Her beauty instantly attracted me to her, On top of that I realized she was so God fearing and with a tender and kind heart.

She is the coolest character on planet earth!

You both look young why the rush?

Hahaha we are old enough, I am 27 and she is 24!

So what advice do you give to the youth today who are fearing to commit?

Love is a decision not a feeling…feelings fade away, making settling down difficult. Fall in love with that person, and decide to love them unconditionally and above all pray together for God to always strengthen you in times of misunderstandings. Plus young people should always have a reason for being in a relationship, and that reason should be marriage!

So when are you making things official?

The introduction is on 5th August in Fort Portal, Then the Wedding in October at Watoto down town.

Is the team invited?

Hahaahaha, Of course do you also need invites! We then giggle away as the duo keeps receiving pleasantries from friends.

Below is a short clip of the engagement

She said yes!