I was doing internship at his workplace—Mariah hosts Denis for Kukyala

Mariah & Denis' kukyala via mikolo

Robert K James

The band plays of the national anthem from the scientific Independence Day celebrations were still fresh in our ears when Mariah and Denis decided to take the next step in their love life.

According to Mariah, she and Denis met about seven years ago when she was doing her internship.

“I was doing internship at his workplace. He works in IT (Information Technology),” she revealed.

“So my phone got an issue and my colleague told me to go to IT for help. So I went and he tried to fix it but it failed. We exchanged numbers talked. One thing led to another till October 10th 2020,” Mariah narrated.

Indeed on Saturday 10th-October-2020, Mariah hosted Denis at her parents’ home in Mutundwe.