She blocked me on Facebook—Marlon & Doreen

Muganwa Doreen and Muwonge Marlon's Kukyala

A long time drinker once told me that the best beer is one brewed for longer. Over the years, a part of me has also come to believe that the harder, and sometimes the longer you work to achieve something, the sweeter the success. And in this case, it’s no surprise that Marlon that says “I love her wholeheartedly” after how long it took him to win over Doreen’s heart, who even blocked him on Facebook.  

In the aftermath of their Kukyala (Pre-visit) on Sunday 4th October 2020, Doreen and Marlon spared time to share their love story with Mikolo and here is how the groom-to-be recounts it.

I met Doreen at YES library. She immediately caught my eye. She was so kind, considerate, good-looking and had a deep love for God. Our paths did not cross often but after some time I happened to become a friend to her little brother. Perfect! I would be able to get to know her more and then sweep her off her feet, right? Well, things didn’t go as planned. She was young and not interested at all.

One day I ran into her and her cousins on their way back home from the library, my heart started pumping fast. I said hi and pushed them back home while footing together. I was nervous because I knew she didn’t like me at all. On the way, I got a chance and finally got the word out; “Doreen you are beautiful. I want to be your friend, no bad intentions,” Marlon narrates.

After a moment of thinking, she said she doesn’t make friends with males. It was bad news for me but I didn’t give up. I just continued to show my interest in her and after some time, I got to know her Facebook account and sent her a message (bad idea)…kabooomm…I got blocked immediately. I felt so bad and didn’t know what to do next but just kept being good and saying hi whenever I got a chance to see her. I guess she had a badass man that she was interested in because however much I tried to impress her, she wasn’t moved at all and I had to give up.

We met again when she became Miss Nkumba University. Ouch!!! She felt so sweet like she had never seen me anywhere before but I kept on checking on her, trying to build love but again she said she can value me as friend and nothing more than that. But as luck would have it, one evening I received a message from one of her close friends saying that Doreen thinks you are a good person and she likes you.  How could that be? I couldn’t believe it. There was only one thing to do now, go to the source.

The next day I asked Doreen if she would join me for lunch and she said yes. After lunch, we grabbed a drink at the beach I said, “So I have a question. I remember the last time we talked, you said you didn’t see anything between us. Has anything changed?” She paused, looked down, then smiled at me and said, “Yes.” When I asked her what changed, she said that once I stopped trying to impress her, she got to know who I really was. Still stunned, I asked her on another date and things went on well—and on 25th July 2020, I proposed to her.  Guess what? SHE SAID YES… What a Joyful day it was!!!

Wasting no time, I decided to visit her parents (Kukyala) on the 4th of October. All went on well. What a lovely and beautiful family she comes from!!! I will be going back for the official introduction (Gushaba) soon.  We have been through a lot together and all that created a strong bond between us. I found true love and a best friend in her. I would feel Jealous if I didn’t get Doreen, I love her wholeheartedly and promise to fulfill all my promise with Christ Jesus by our side.



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