We met in 2011—Gloria & Collins

Gloria & Collins' Kukyala

By Robert K James

These two lovebirds, Gloria and Collins, who met back in 2011 held the Kukyala (pre-visit) on Sunday 8th March 2020, and here’s their love story as the bride narrates.

I grew up in a strict home where my parents think they would have either a nun or a priest from one of their children. Am the first born with 5 others, I had all the pressure to exhibit the role of a good example towards my siblings. I was lucky to get government scholarship so my dad was more than excited to take me to MUBS hall, as to him I would still be kept intact…Lol

Along with campus pressure I went out with my girlfriends at the beach, Aero Beach to be specific…this was my first time out. So we get there at the beach and one of my friend’s boyfriend invited other guys to join us, that was the first time I saw him. He introduced himself as Collins. He was good looking, I thought to myself. He asked a guitar guy to sing for me a song that has my name in it. This was a nice gesture but deep down I knew we wouldn’t get any further because it was getting dark we left for fear of finding Berlin, a MUBS hall, closed.

On our way I kept thinking why didn’t this guy ask for my number. At least, I was kind of pissed but I didn’t wanna show my girls.  As we stopped at the petrol station to refill, I kept wondering why after the refill we kept around. I later learnt that this guy plotted with the driver to keep us around while he drove fast to get to us. When I saw his car pull next to ours, I was too happy that when he asked for my number, I gave it in without any hesitation. (My aim starting the dating thing was to detooth him like how campusers do.)

As time went on, I realised I didn’t have to do it as he was a good man, with good intentions. No one had ever cared for me like he did. I remember after a year into our dating period, his dad got so sick and was literally on his death bed. His dad asked him to bring his best friend so he could see him/her and Collin invited me to see his dad. He was really sick and he asked me to pray for him. I did but he eventually passed away.

I was so small and short and I thought Collin would be embarrassed to show me around his relatives, but I was shocked as he moved around showing me around to whoever minded to give him attention. We are currently blessed with a baby boy called Corey. Hoping to achieve more with the Grace of God.



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Changing dress: Kushona Designers

Shots by: Garay Photography