Smiles, Love And Ecstasy As Alex Makes First To Victoria?s Home

By Robert K James

It was epic, admirable and inspiring. Smiles, love and ecstasy headlined the day as St. Mark?s College Namagoma teacher, Alex Kwihangana made his first visit to Victoria Nabunya?s home.

The visit, also locally known as ?Kukyala? went down on Saturday, 12th May 2018 at Victoria?s parents? home in Namagoma as the Geography teacher, in the accompaniment of a few close relatives and friends sought for a date when they will be officially introduced to the girl?s family in a customary wedding/Kwanjula.

According to Alex, he and his soon wife-to-be met at school (St. Mark?s College) where they both work with Victoria serving as an administrative secretary at ?the high achievers’ college?.

Alex, a charismatic teacher is a former student of St. Mark?s College and was back in time commonly referred as ?Tzar Alexander? by his peers during his days in school uniform.

All throughout the day, a glance at each other?s face sparked off smiles and facial sign languages only they could understand. It was evidently clear, like a teacher?s writings on a blackboard with white chalk that the two are deeply in love with one another.

From us all at Mikolo, congratulations Alex & Victoria!!!

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