Photos: Sarah stars in traditional union with Buhkar

Sarah introduces Bukhar via mikolo

Photography: Dais Photography
If you have never believed in such a thing as perfection, now is the time to start because Sarah was the star of her day at their traditional union with Buhkar.

Because customary wedding moments should be cherished, today we are basking in love and sweetness as we share moments from the couple’s introduction.

On Saturday 29th October 2022, at her parents’ home in Masaka, Sarah introduced Buhkar to her family, friends and relatives at a beautiful ceremony.

If, in her bridal wear selection, Sarah intended to inspire, then she definitely nailed it. Three stunning gomesis, one being the trendy green in her closet on a day that had it as one of the theme colours.

Her bridal makeup and veiling were inch-perfect.

To Sarah and Buhkar, congratulations once again ‘ba’ dear. We wish you a blessed long marriage of joy and happiness.



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Service Providers:
Photography: Dais Photography
Makeup & Hair: Shaimah Dash Faces
Bridal Wear: Kushona Designers