We became closer during the lockdown—Kato Dan and Esther

Esther Introduces Dan via mikolo.com

Photography by: Signature Pictures

Whereas in the aftermath of it all, many of us were eager to forget the Covid-19 lockdowns, looking back in retrospect, to some, they were a gift that kept on giving. Kato Dan Mugambwa, a Quality Controller, probably has the lockdown to thank—for helping him find the love of his life in Esther Ankunda, a Records Officer by profession.

Speaking to Mikolo about how he and Esther met, Dan revealed that; “we go to the same church so we were friends.”

“When lockdown started, our married pastor started an online 3:00 am prayer altar for all singles….so she called me the first time and asked me to join,” he narrated.

“Every after prayers, we would have those long long conversations and laugh and later I noticed I need this vibe in my life…so the friendship grew. When the lockdown ended, we went for dates. She became my best friend and go-to person for everything.”

After turning boyfriend and girlfriend, the two lovebirds dated for 2 years before hosting their kukyala (pre-visit/okugamba obugyenyi) on 4th June 2022.

For Dan, there’s everything to love about her as “she’s God fearing and she believes in me so much, she always pushes me to be the best I can be”, while Esther finds him “a charming person, he’s God fearing and he always knows how to crack me up 😂😂.”

On 4th November 2022, at Eclub Gardens in Kyambogo Upper estate, the couple were traditionally hitched at a beautiful traditional wedding.

Looking back at their planning process, Dan acknowledges that “considering the economy lately, we were abit worried that people wouldn’t come through to support but people actually supported us. Esther’s family had two introduction meetings and most of the coordination was done online. Service providers for the introduction were selected by the girl’s family.

What advice would you wish to share with couples planning to get married?

Put God at the center. He will give you so much peace even when things aren’t working well. Pray about the service providers you want to use. Work within your budget to avoid pressures of not completing the payments. Create a relationship with your service providers so that even when they are working it doesn’t seem like it’s all about the money.



Post Vendor Details

Service providers for the introduction

Photography – Signature pictures

Decor – Ivan tents

Salon and makeup – Ellamonic & Marjic looks

Outfits/Bridal wear – Ideal design shop T5 Avemar

Cake – JKings bakery

Groom’s Suit – DK classics

Cultural dancers – Nyonyi Cultural troupe