Pastor Brave Mugisa from Christ Freedom Centre proposes to Sarah Asasira

Pastor Brave Mugisa proposes to Sarah Asasira

On Wednesday 6th October 2021, Pastor Brave Mugisa from Christ Freedom Centre Church in Kansanga bent the knee to propose to his “best friend” Sarah Asasira.

The balloons were red with a blend of gold—the roses were red while the candles were white as Brave waited by the poolside at Protea Skyz Hotel Naguru to ask for his girlfriend’s hand in marriage.

Sarah said “Yes” and a fortnight later, on Wednesday 20th October, she welcomed Brave into her parents’ home in Kiruhura District as the two held their Okugamba Obugyenyi (kukyala).

The lovebirds met at church according to Brave; “she’s been my best friend for about four years and we’ve been serving God together in the same church”.