Melanin beauty strikes from a distance as Bernadette introduces Aristaccus

Bernadette introduces Aristaccus

By Robert K James

Melanin beauty struck from a distance as Bernadette introduced her better half Aristaccus to her family, relatives and loved ones at a beautiful traditional wedding ceremony.

On Sunday 26th January 2020, as President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni inspected the guard of honor at Ibanda Core PTC Grounds in Ibanda District where NRM held their 34th liberation day celebrations, back in the capital Kampala, Aristaccus and his small entourage made their way to Bernadette’s parents’ home for a pre-visit.

It was Bernadette Kwebiha, a Public Health Officer and Ojambo Richard Aristaccus’ kukyala. The two lovebirds were expressing intentions of wanting to spend the rest of their lives together as one in front of loved ones.

According to the couple, they met “through a friend” before becoming friends themselves—and there after, everything was as natural as it comes, the magic of love. They dated for “one year” and there was not looking back.

Aristaccus, a businessman had found the “one”, who he describes as “down earth” while Bernadette too had no doubt whatsoever that he was the “one”. “He is God fearing,” she says.

And now, here were are, celebrating their customary union that took place on July 24th 2020 in Bweyogerere. 

How was the planning process for you as a couple? We asked.

I would say it went very well.

What advice would you wish to share with couples planning to get married?

Everything works out in the end, they should not stress so much prior to functions but rather plan well so that they really enjoy their day.




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