Renown Observer photojournalist Nicholas Bamulanzeki introduced by fiancée

Brenda introduces Nicholas Bamulanzeki via

Photography: Da’ville

Albert Einstein once said that “you can’t blame gravity for falling in love.” Indeed Nicholas Bamulanzeki can’t blame gravity but rather Brenda Matama’s beauty that tripped him to fall in love with the Kyenjojo born queen.

For a guy who is almost always on the road, busy behind the camera lenses to bring us pictures that a tell a story, one can’t help it wonder how he found time to get cozy and play footsie as he fell in love and yet somehow he did.

Over the weekend, the renowned Observer Newspaper photo journalist was the center of attention for the cameras as he was introduced by his fiancée at an elegant kweranga ceremony in Kyenjojo District, Western Uganda.

For his admirers beyond his photographic skills, sorry, the boy is taken. Nicholas and Brenda are now officially husband and wife. From us all at Mikolo, we wish you a happy marriage.