Buganda Royals Gather As Nasuuna Welcomes Paul Home

Nasuuna introduces Paul via mikolo.com
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By Robert K James

When it comes to traditional weddings, everyone one expects nothing less than a display of love and culture, but when the royals are showing up to the party, then you know it’s going to be cultural bliss.

Buganda royals including Queen mother Sylvia Nagginda Nnabagereka and her daughter, Princess Katrina Ssangalyambogo as well as Prince Richard Ssemakokiro gathered to witness a giveaway ceremony of one of their own.

Saturday 3rd August 2019 was the day Nasuuna acquainted the love of her life, Paul, to her family, relatives and friends at a successful traditional wedding ceremony at her parents’ home in Munyonyo.

Nasuuna’s choice of bridal wear in gomesis, sashes, jewelry and accessories were all exquisite. Congratulations to you both. We wish you a happy married life.