We Met In Nairobi?Doreen Kananu & Jeduthun Mktsa

By Robert K James

It must be written somewhere in a hidden book of natural relationships that Uganda and Kenya will always share something special besides the waters of Lake Victoria, the borders and the new Standard Gauge Railway.

Ugandans and Kenyans are falling in love more than ever before. If I was a pessimist, I would think that one of the two countries is plotting to colonize the other but guess what!!! It?s just love across borders and latest of this romantic exploration is Doreen Kananu Mutegi and Jeduthun Mktsa.

According to Doreen Kananu, a Kenyan born from Tharaka Nithi County, the two met in the country?s capital Nairobi.

?Jed and I met in Nairobi where it happened that we were working in the same office in 2014.?

?We became friends from then but unfortunately we left the company because of instability there. Jed left first and I followed after two months. During these struggling moments, prayer brought and kept us together,? Doreen narrates to Mikolo.

?I got a job in Tanzania and I had to go work there and Jed remained in Kenya,? she adds. As much as long distance relationships exist, nothing separates people more than distance. With distance, and with time, communication eventually dies and without communication, the bond is as good as broken. However, Doreen and Jeduthun somehow managed to keep the candle burning.

?We kept in touch, Jed would visit me in Tanzania and despite the distance, we would do some projects together. He constantly reminded me to continue trusting in God and he reconfirmed again that he truly loves and hoped that one day I will be his wife on my birthday 09/08/2015.? Oh!!! How romantic! I recline in amusement.

?I moved to Rwanda and then Uganda and back to Kenya on work duties.?

After nearly four years of dating, the two lovebirds decided to get engaged as Jeduthun finally popped the million dollar question. Will you marry me?

?On March 08 2018 at 6:45 PM. We got engaged on the Kenyan Mombasa beach. He lied to me that we have to meet for business there and I needed to be there,? Doreen excitedly and passionately reminiscences about this special day.

Having said ?Yes?, Doreen decided to introduce Jeduthun to her parents, relatives and friends at a customary wedding that went down in Kenya. ?The introduction ceremony took place in Ndagani, Chuka, Tharaka Nithi County in Kenya on 23rd of June 2018.?

With that done, the couple is now looking forward to their religious wedding that is slated for August 2018.

As we conclude the interview, Doreen makes a few remarks that attest to why Uganda is dubbed the ?Pear of Africa?. ?I love the hospitality in Ugandan Culture and her people. I am so much in love with gomesi and loving the culture.?