Video:Bride Refuses To Attend Her Own Wedding.

Every girl looks forward to the day she wears that white wedding gown almost like the second coming of Jesus! However, there has been an unusually ironic video making rounds on the internet and we are wondering what would have gone wrong.

It was a usual lovely day for this bride; it was the day she was supposed to be married. The preparations were underway, everybody was happy. Just like any other wedding day. Then all of a sudden, when it was time to get out of the dressing room, the bride burst into tears and refused to go to the wedding! Many thought it was just an emotional backlash which would only last but seconds. Unfortunately, an evil spirit seems to have enveloped our dear bride. She started wailing loudly thus attracting attention from the people on the outside. Seeing that the wailing wasn?t stopping and time was running out, angry bystanders, dragged and later carried her to the waiting bridal cars where she continuously wailed as the cars sped off.

As team mikolo, we caution people to take prayers seriously before their special days. Amen. Watch video here.