Must See: Anita Beryls Show Stopping Gowns At Val And Violas Wedding!

Seasoned Bridal designer Anita Beryl will for one reason remain up there in this bridal trade. She puts together those dynamic and diverse styles that brides envision but always find it hard to find. When she sets out to do what she does best, the product will undoubtedly be a masterpiece.

This time round she displayed her prowess once again at Viola and Val?s wedding. On this specific occasion, anything would skip the eye but not the sophisticated dresses Viola and her squad slayed in.

Viola was a goddess in her flawless mermaid off-shoulder white gown with silver embroidery. While her entourage opted for pink off-the-shoulder side split gowns, with little gold accents. They ooze airs of divine elegance and sophistication.

Words might not be enough to elaborate this beauty. See and appreciate for yourself.

Photo credit: Paramount Pictures