Hot Trend: Glossy Lips Make A Tremendous Come Back!

There?s no industry as dynamic as the fashion and beauty industry. Just when we are getting comfortable with one trend, you have finally acquired that makeup set that you couldn?t afford weeks back because the trend had just set in, then you finally have it but the trend is long gone, the world is already on the next one!

And another peculiar element about this trade is that the trends keep coming back. One thing runs out of style in one era, only to bounce back in another. Now we seemed to have gotten all familiar with the two shades of lipstick, but guess what? According to Kampala celebrity make-up artists Nahya Shero, the dual shades are so out. A thing of maybe 2016. The glossy lips are back. Yes, those shinny luscious mono-color lips are here to slay again.

Many Celebrities like Lupita Nyongo, Beyonce and our very own Amito Stacy Lagun have been seen rocking this awesome new trend, so don?t be scared if your stylist puts a little gloss in there. You are just part of the sizzling trend debut.