I Can?t Trade You For Anything; Hilda Nakintu To Friends As She Celebrates Her Birthday

By Robert K James

The year was 199?something when a bouncing baby girl was brought to planet earth. That little angel would later on be named Hilda. And here we are today, a couple of decades down the road and she isn?t the little cute pumpkin everyone once knew.

She is now a grown-up lady and like a colleague once told me; ?birthdays are an exciting time and every girl, no matter her age, gets excited when her day rolls around. Girls make our world so much more beautiful. So we ought to make sure that we keep the special girls around us happy.?

Well, Dina Bamurangye and Carol Naluzzi did that for us; they made Hilda Nakintu happy and feel special with a wonderful surprise birthday party on Wednesday 14th March at Brisk.

?My best friends, Bamurnanyge Dian and Carol Naluzzi organized the surprise party for me,? Hilda revealed before adding that; ?I liked everything. The people around and everything was just perfect.?

To the organizers; ?I can?t trade you for anything and you?re the special sisters I never had. (The bond they share transcends time and space.) And to all the people who came, I must say you?re all special to me and I love them so much,? Hilda remarked during our brief interview with her.

From us all at Mikolo, Happy belated birthday Hilda.

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Photography: Ronnie Bob Photography

Cake: Cake Studio

Venue: Brisk