Looking For A Touch Of Royalty? Royal Suites, The Ultimate Wedding & Hotel Location!

Why you should hold your wedding at Royal Suites Bugolobi

It is a few weeks before your wedding, and you are stressed out. And brides shouldn?t be, because wedding planners handle everything. Except they need to consult with you when it comes to choosing the venue. And they did. But it?s been a month and you still won?t find a befitting place to let go of the exciting frivolities of bachelorhood.

You want a place to hang your legendary spinster boots and not think of picking them right after the wedding. You want a place that is accessible for your guests, yet flung from the dust and noise of the city. (Because what a wedding is without guests?) You want a place that cooks great food. Not just good food. But great food. Food that your guests will talk about long after your wedding is done.

You want them to say ?Iwe Tonny, haza we should take our wives back to the other place where Nyangoma was wedded. Once you eat their food, you can no longer respect your wife?s cooking,? years after your wedding. A place with an ambiance that makes your guests feel important. And a wedding reception at a place that makes your guests feel loved. A place where you do not have to worry about this Ugandan weather mood swings because your wedding defines you. People will remember you for the kind of wedding that you throw. So while you grapple with venue decisions, how about you consider our choice; The Royal Suites Bugolobi.

Great Location

The Royal Suites is nestled in the very tranquil heart of Bugolobi. Away from the city center. Which can mean many advantages, but pertinently, that your guests will easily access the place from wherever they are coming from. From whichever part of the city, it is easy to dodge the ever vicious Kampala Traffic Jam. Also, that while at your function, they will experience uttermost serenity. Because it is not in the city center, so chances that they will be distracted by blaring sounds from an ongoing concert are minimal, if not, non-existent.

Great Food.

These chaps can cook. Did I say they cook great food? Scratch that. These guys? chefs are legendary. They are the masters of the culinary universe. From the international cuisine, to the local cuisine, to tailoring menus to fit your guests’ tastes. It is the one place you will find everything. The proverbial ?one-stop? so to say.

Exquisite Halls

I know I should have started with this but there are so many good things about Royal Suites I am spoilt for choice. But their signature product is their halls. Banquet and Conference halls are designed to aid the decoration. Which means that as you erect your decoration for a wedding, most of the work is already done for you by the architectural geniuses that orchestrated the building of the suites. Also, on top of being spacious, the royal suites halls have access to a backup generator just in case UMEME decides to pull their load-shading talents on your wedding day. If you are looking for an indoor wedding, Royal Suites is your ultimate venue.

Changing rooms

All the wedding packages at Royal Suites Bugolobi are tailored to meet the very expectations of a wedding planner. The bridal package comes with buffet dinner and a soft drink (for every guest), one night in