The Best Indoor Wedding Receptions In Uganda

Having an outdoor wedding is one of the best things you can hope on any day in the Ugandan summer with no skepticism on whether it will fall that day. The idea of having cools winds blowing your way, the beautiful light of day that will, in the end, give you breathtaking wedding photos can be thinkably unmatched. To many, it?s this idea and vision that puts indoor wedding venues in the pecking order.

And let?s be honest, indoor venues come with their own challenges especially if the number of guests goes higher than a preferred venue’s capacity. But that?s not to say that these indoor venues often come with plenty of advantages.

Besides escaping the scare of rain on a given day, these venues provide extra services like tables and chairs, wall draping (in some), free electricity which will save you the burden of hiring a generator. Some come with public addresses systems, projectors that can be used to showcase your love story in both video and photo slides to your invited guests.

Most indoor venues at 5-star hotels like Commonwealth Resort Munyonyo & 4-star hotels like Golf Course etc. around the country come with specific colour linen, napkins, cutlery, glasses and plates.

Like Patrick and Veronica, who held their wedding on Saturday 22nd July 2017 at UMA Exhibition Hall, for those who think that an indoor reception is the best venue for your special day, there are plenty to choose from. Most people assume every hotel or church with a hall allows hosting wedding functions but the reality is some halls are not open to the public.

Victoria Ballroom and Commonwealth Banqueting Hall

Speke Resort is, on the flip side, very affordable. A potential BFF for any pocket, if I may. And if we had the space, I?d tell you about it all. But today, let?s concentrate on two halls; Victoria Ballroom and Commonwealth Banqueting Hall. Both of them, at a price you won?t find anywhere with that breed of fancy, comes with lights, 2 LCD Projectors, Wooden Dance Floor, A/C platform for high table, round tables (10 seaters,) Banqueting chairs, Linen, Cutlery, Crockery and Service Personnel and-you didn?t see this coming- a one night bedroom suite on bed and breakfast basis for the couple.

The Commonwealth has a seating capacity of 500-700 guests while the Victoria Ballroom can seat up to 1000 guests.

All are armed with platforms that can serve as podiums/stages, and to answer your d