Fascinating-Meet The Ladies Who Made Their Own Wedding Gowns!

As ladies all have that picture of how we want to look on our wedding day. How our dresses should look like, which parts should flow, and which part should hold. We also know what looks nice and flatters our body shapes. Or we want that particular detail we saw in a magazine and for some reason can?t get out of our heads. But unfortunately, we just can?t get that when we walk into a bridal store. Worse still, we have to spend gazillion of hours trying to explain to the seamstress what you really want. But she isn?t convinced and instead wants to give you what is trending in this wedding season.

Well many a time we get into this spot and we pretty much have no option but to curve to whatever is available, because, ?we do not have time.? Yes, Ugandans seldom hire wedding planners. (Did I lie?) so we do not have the luxury of spending the ?whole day? thinking about the dress and dress alone.

But them there is that lot. Who do not cave who stick to their gut. And viola, they made their own wedding dress. I can almost see the frowned faces through the screen, but you will be as amazed as we were, slide through real quick and get fascinated away.


?The decision to make my own dress came from the fact that I