Susan N Musoke Is Our Bride Of The Week!

By Joy Lydia Mercedes.

Hello ladies,

Hope this finds you doing great. Now before we go any further please pull out your notebooks, because, we are going to take notes!

My random online scrolls landed me on such immense beauty. For these, we would proudly add the hashtag #blackgirlskillingit! But, it was not only the melanin that sizzled, the fashion sense was off the hook! These girls added the ?Ful? to the word beautiful! So let the lessons begin, shall we?

The maids.

Yes, the maids in uniform look fab. But here we can see the maids in gorgeous different outfits and they all look comfortable, free and extremely classy. In all this, they maintained the theme. Sweet, right? Note; The girls do not necessarily have to wear the same dress to dazzle. We can mix it up while keeping the theme at the back of our heads.


The gown

This got us drooling! It?s not every day that we see a two colored wedding gown. This totally disproved the stereotype that gowns have to be white and laden with stone to be beautiful. Susan?s was a white silk mermaid gown with a black chiffon fabric running across her bosom, and knotted into a lovely rose at the shoulder. This was the ultimate show stopper!



If you noticed, we did not bling much. Because it?s your wedding, doesn?t mean you have to be a bling bling daisy! Just a few earrings and one or two matching bracelets and the wedding still went on as planned. The makeup too, was subtle. Subtle but screamingly amazing!

The hair

The hair by the bride and her squad all seem to be bringing out their personality. And also accentuating their facial shapes and features. Note here, it?s okay for every girl to wear her own hairstyle, as long as it looks great on her. And makes her feel that way too.

The photography

If there is anything that kills great memories, it is the pictures. You might have dotted all the I?s and crossed all the t?s. But what is the benefit of having all this if they were not well painted into the picture frame!

With our lesson done. I hope we shall be good students. Let?s come back here tomorrow, and the day after that, et al.

Congratulations Sarah. May your marriage and love last longer than the sun.


Team Mikolo.