How to Address Your Biggest Wedding Worries

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Even if you?re generally a chill person, wedding worries have a way of sneaking up on you. These wedding fears can put a damper on your engagement and increase your stress level, which might make your big day less enjoyable. Our advice? Face your fears head-on. While it might not be fun to think about your wedding worries, taking action with a little planning and forethought will help you feel confident and prepared should these instances actually occur.

These are the top wedding worries that most brides and grooms face at one point or another, and how to plan for them in advance.

Your Fear: Tripping while walking down the aisle

How to Address It: Break in those shoes!

We?ve all worried about tripping and falling during important moments in our lives, and your wedding is no exception. Instead of freaking out about your walk down the aisle, use that nervous energy to practice, practice, practice. Find your wedding shoes a few months before your big day, and wear them around the house often to break them in. Wear your wedding shoes while handling household activities (yes, you probably will feel a bit silly, but it?s worth it!) so that wearing them on your big day will feel like second nature and falling will be a lot less likely.

Your Fear: A vendor doesn?t show up

How to Address It: Maintain open communication with your vendors

It?s the stuff of nightmares?you arrive to your wedding venue, only to realize your (florist, caterer, photographer, DJ, fill in the blank) isn?t coming and it?s too late to find a replacement. Pretty frightening, right? Well, this sort of wedding worry very rarely occurs (thankfully), but it just illustrates the importance of hiring experienced vendors. Yes, emergencies happen, but professionals have backup plans that are clearly spelled out in their contracts. So that?s why it?s essential to read vendor reviews and examine all contracts carefully before signing. You?ll also want to communicate with your pros regularly in the weeks and months before your big day?if you haven?t heard from one of your vendors in a while, don?t wait until the last minute, give ?em a call to make sure they?re good to go for your event.

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Your Fear: Rain ruins your outdoor ceremony plan

How to Address It: Create a Plan B you love just as much

You?ve probably heard those Alanis lyrics, ?It?s like rain?on your wedding day.? But bad weather on your big day is far from ironic, it can feel downright disastrous. Whether you live in an area that?s usually sunny or one where the weather is a bit more unpredictable, it?s essential to think about your rain plan at the very beginning of your wedding planning process?like, when you?re first choosing your venue. Don?t just select a wedding venue because of its beautiful outdoor space. During your initial tour, ask the venue coordinator to walk you through what a rainy day wedding would look like?and make sure you?re happy with it before signing on the dotted line. That way, if it does rain, you?ll take comfort in knowing exactly what your wedding will look like, plus some cute umbrellas and rain boots!

Your Fear: Breaking out in a zit on the morning of your wedding

How to Address It: Stick to a beauty regime and hire an incredible makeup artist

If you have acne-prone skin (or even if you don?t), all of these wedding worries might cause an unwanted pimple to pop up. To prevent this, get your skin in gear well before your big day by sticking to a skincare regimen (approved by a dermatologist, of course). And remember that makeup is not something you should DIY on your wedding day. Hire a professional makeup artist who can use all the tricks in his or her arsenal to ensure that even a monster zit will be nearly invisible with the right covering-up techniques.

Your Fear: Guest drama

How to Address It: Focus on your seating chart and hire a wedding planner

The last thing you want to hear on your wedding day is your feuding great-aunt and cousin shouting at each other over the reception music. Everyone has relatives that don?t get along and while most people stay on their best behavior at a wedding, this isn?t always the case. That?s why you should pay close attention to your seating chart, ensuring that problematic guests are places far from each other (and perhaps close to the exit, so they can ?take it outside?). An experienced wedding planner can be helpful in these situations, too, by providing advice and keeping a close eye on any troublesome family members on the big day.

Your Fear: No one shows up

How to Address It: Book room blocks and provide transportation